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Contoh Recount Text - Study Tour to Jakarta-Bandung


hai hai hai.. balik lagi nih.. tapi kali ini bukan tentang K-Pop K-Pop-an, tapi tentang contoh RECOUNT TEXT. sebenernya ini tugas Bahasa Inggris. tapi sama gurunya dianggep belum tuntas, yah jadilah aku mau mbuat lagi, n daripada ini cuma kebuang percuma, aku buat ngisi-ngisi blog ini aja deh ;).. okeh ya, langsung aja. tapi maaf klo penyusunan kalimatnya salah *saya hanya manusia biasa yang tak pernah luput dari kesalahan (PLAKKK!)

Study Tour To Jakarta-Bandung
I’m Chaesi Novita Murti. You can call me Novi or Chaesi. I was born on November 1st  1997. I’m in the eight grade now. In December 2011 ago, the first semester already finished. In holiday of this time, all of the students in Sleman 1 Junior High School created a study tour to Jakarta-Bandung.
It is happened at December 19-22th  2011. We divided into several groups. I chosen as the leader of my group. Arifa, Yuli, Amik, Putri, and Tiya were members of my group.
On December 19th  2011, actually at 13.30 o’clock, after pray that headed by our headmistress, we left our school. My group and I got seat in the bus C. Our bus or more actually bus C, didn’t hurry. Many students brought VCD and DVD. But it couldn’t play in VCD player at the bus. We were dissapointed. In that trip, several students chose for sleep.
At 17.30 until 18.30 o’clock, our entourage took a rest in Jatilawang Restaurant. We were dinner and pray Maghrib. After that, we continued our trip to Graha Wisata Ragunan.
On December 20st  2011, actually at 02.00 o’clock, we arrived in Graha Wisata Ragunan. Each the leader of group took a room key in adminstration. My group got sleep in room 302. Our room in the 3rd floor. After we entered our room, my group arranged her stuff. A Graha Wisata Ragunan’s clerk instructed us for sleep. But we couldn’t sleep. Finally, we only took a rest and do a little talked. And we listened to music too. Around 5 o’clock, we  took a bath and pray Subuh. After that, we went down to 1st floor to have breakfast together.
On 07.00 o’clock we went to Jakarta Pusat. We went to Monas or Monumen Nasional. In the bus, a bus’ clerk or Mr. Wawan told about Monas. There were several students that write down his told about Monas. But, there were many students that sleep because them still tired.
Upon arrive in Monas, our time only shortly. We only went to around Monas in its base floor. We didn’t go to Monas’ summit. Finally, our bus’ clerk instructed us for to go back to the bus.
On 10.00 o’clock we went to Seaworld. There, we saw various of fish. There we saw also a giant aquarium. Not long time we visited Seaworld. We promptly continued our trip to Dufan or Dunia Fantasi, about 11.30 o’clock. Before go to Dufan, we lunched together in the bus.
Upon arrive in Dufan, we did pray Dzuhur and ‘Asar also, after change our school identity’s uniform with our 8D’s class t-shirt.
In Dufan, we tried many engrosse and challenging games. An example: Alap-alap, Kora-kora, Pontang-panting, Ombang-ambing, etc. We played until about 17.00 o’clock. Before go to the bus, my group and I went to a shop. I bought souvenirs for my three cousins existent a suit of t-shirt. After finish to pay, we promptly went to bus. In the trip, many students was sleep, because them very tired. Upon arrive in Graha Wisata Ragunan we promptly took a bath. I felt a headache after play in Dufan. A Graha Wisata Ragunan’s clerk instructed us for dinner in 1st floor, but a lot of us chose for dinner in room of each group. After dinner, we soon slept, because we already very tired.
On December 21st  2011, actually at 04.30 o’clock, we already got up. My friend, Putri that awoke us, or my group with her handphone’s alarm. We soon took a bath, pray Subuh, and then check out. At 07.00 o’clock, we went to TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah). We didn’t visit all the part of TMII. We only saw it when us went to PP IPTEK. We studied in PP IPTEK. We tried many efforts of Science in there. But, there was many my friends that bored in PP IPTEK.
On 09.30 o’clock we continued our trip to Museum Purna Bhakti Pertiwi. In there, we could see many Mr. Soeharto and Mrs. Tien Soeharto’s recollections. The biggest part of  recollections in Museum Purna Bhakti Pertiwi were amazing!
 About 11.00 o’clock, we went to Cikini. We visited Planetarium. In there, we watched a 3D movie about solar system. The ticket for entered to Planetarium was Rp 3.000,00. But, we pray Dzuhur and ‘Asar earlier before watch it. Before enter planetarium, the tickets was torn by ticket’s clerk. After that, we entered it. Several persons slept inside Planetarium. Because when a show was happen, several main lamp was turned off.
About 14.30 o’clock we continued our trip to Bandung. We went to Cibaduyut. We arrived in there about 18.30 o’clock. When we arrived in there, we soon pray Maghrib and ‘Isya also in a mosque near to the market. In Cibaduyut, we bought many souvenirs. I bought a school bag, two t-shirts (one for me, and one again for my father), a doll, a sandal for me and for my mother. Cibaduyut was the center of many souvenirs in Indonesia. So, proper if all of souvenirs in there was unexpensive and may offer. After buy many souvenirs, we went back to the bus. We continued out trip back to Yogyakarta. But, before continue our trip back to Yogyakarta, we dinner in Simpang Raya Restaurant in Bandung about 22.00 o’clock. We changed our clothes and washed our face too.
In front of Simpang Raya Restaurant, there was cassette seller. My friend bought a K-Pop cassette. In the bus, bus’ clerk played it. And thankfully, the cassette could play. We were very happy. Especially when we saw Super Junior, a boyband in that cassette, we more and more very happy! “Thanks God,” I said.
Just shortly in our trip, many student already slept. The cassette soon turned off by bus’ clerk.
About 04.30 o’clock, we already arrived in Kebumen, Center Java. We stopped in a mosque for pray Subuh. After that, we continued our trip to Yogyakarta. In the bus, many students didn’t sleep again. Then, the bus’ clerk played the K-Pop cassette again. And we very happy again with it.
About 07.00 o’clock, we already close to Sleman 1 Junior High School. Many students was manage their stuff. But, I didn’t. I managed my stuff when we already arrived in Sleman 1 Junior High School.
About 07.30 o’clock, we arrived in Sleman 1 Junior High School. In my school’s yard, my father already waited me. And of course, we were very happy because we already arrived in our beloved school, although we still tired.
That study tour, will always become a sweet memories in my heart.


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